All About Rock, Gem ‘n’ Bead Shows

Rocks, minerals and fossils have fascinated humanity from our earliest history. They have been used as weapons, talismans, tokens of love and objects of desire and obsession. Today, they still exert that same mysterious force over us as they did upon our distant and more recent ancestors.

ROCKS, MINERALS, FOSSILS, GEMSTONES, GEM-SET jewellery, LAPIDARY, HEALING or any other facet of this wonderful and fascinating subject are all available at ROCK ‘n’ GEM shows. If you are a serious collector or a hobbyist, a geologist or lapidarist, a Club member or Professional, then ROCK, GEM ‘n’ BEAD shows have something for you !!!

Some of the U.K.’s leading dealers and an ever increasing number of European and International dealers exhibit at ROCK, GEM ‘n’ BEAD Shows offering a wide range of gemstones, geological and mineral samples.

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